Dawn J. Bennett Interviews Steve Milloy, Publisher of Junk Science

Dawn J. Bennett, founder and CEO of Bennett Group Financial Services, recently interviewed Steve Milloy, publisher of Junk Science, on her weekly radio show, Financial Myth Busting with Dawn J. Bennett.  Milloy’s Junk Science is a popular website that debunks common science myths. He’s also written a new book, Scare Population: Why and How to Fix the EPA.

In his interview, Milloy shares his thoughts on the Senate panel’s approval of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA. Pruitt is a well-known climate change skeptic and critic of the agency. He has fought EPA carbon emission regulations, and some question his ability to lead the EPA.

Milloy says he doesn’t think it’s an issue Pruitt approaches regulation from the “perspective of a polluter”.

He points out, “One of the great myths that the environmentalists have successfully perpetrated is that our air is polluted. Our air is clean, our water is safe.”

He continues, “It’s no longer 1970 or 1960 or 1950. EPA and Americans and states have spent the last 46 years cleaning up the air, and the air is clean. As a matter of fact, the air was clean 25 years ago. The reason Scott Pruitt has sued EPA almost a dozen times is because EPA regularly engages in regulatory overreach. By that I mean they are exceeding the authority granted to them by Congress, and so as AG of Oklahoma, Scott has had to sue them to try to put them back in their box.”

Bennett notes Pruitt has significant conflicts of interest, as he has great ties to the oil and gas industry. Milloy sees no conflict of interest affecting his ability to oversee the agency.

According to Milloy, “As EPA Administrator, he is going to be working for the president, executing EPA’s authority. EPA has various authorities, for example under the Clean Air Act to make the air safe. The air is safe. Scott will make sure that the air remains safe. What’s the conflict of interest? As long as the air is safe, there’s no conflict of interest.”

While many liberals and environmentalists are skeptical of Pruitt’s appointment to the EPA, Milloy believes he’s suited to run this agency.

“I think Scott knows more about the EPA and the wickedness, if you will, of the agency, than most people, because he has sued the EPA almost a dozen times. He is well aware of how the EPA overreaches, and he’s probably the perfect administrator for reigning in the EPA and bringing this rogue agency within the law,” he says.