Recent Shows from Financial Myth Busting with Dawn Bennett

Dawn Bennett radio showOn each episode of Financial Myth Busting with Dawn Bennett, Dawn invites prominent industry figures to the show for insightful, in-depth discussions of current events relevant to finance and politics. Find summaries and links to some of her recent conversations with guests of the show below.

The Government vs. The Shared Economy

Matthew Mitchell, a senior researcher at the Mercatus Center, talks about the benefits of shared consumerism, as well as local government responses to the emergence of innovative companies that rely on a shared consumerism business model and aggressive marketing. Dawn also discusses the potential problem of falling oil prices for the American economy with Gregory Zuckerman of the Wall Street Journal. Though low prices at the pump are embraced by consumers, Dawn notes that this actually carries foreboding consequences for the American oil producer.

Hear more from Dawn’s conversations with Matthew Mitchell and Gregory Zuckerman, here.

In Bankers We Trust?

Just how close is Washington to big bankers? Closer than we might like, according to former Goldman Sachs managing director and author of the new book,”All the Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliance that Drive American Power,” Nomi Prins. In this December 2014 episode, Dawn and Nomi discuss the real relationships that exist between financial institutions and our government. Dawn also speaks with Michael Belkin, her only returning guest, to discuss the state of the economy at the end of the quarter.

Listen to Dawn’s entire discussion with Prins and Belkin here.

America’s Leadership Deficit

Is America facing a leadership deficit? Dawn and her guest John Allison, CEO of the Cato Institute, believe so. Bennett notes that the growth of the free market could be the necessary component we need to strengthen leadership across the board, and discusses the adequacy of the nation’s own leader, President Obama, with her guest and callers.

Gain more insight into Dawn’s perspective of current leadership by listening to a full podcast of her show.

Fixing Problems with Bigger Problems

Learn more about why founder of Peak Prosperity, Chris Martenson, believes that the U.S. Federal Reserve is actually contributing to the rise of inequality in America, rather than implementing policies to mitigate it. In his conversation with Dawn, Martenson also discusses the Fed’s troubling practice of weakening consumer savings, and what might be the end result of these choices.

Listen along to Dawn and Chris Martenson’s conversation on the impact of the Federal Reserve on the economy today from the full podcast here.

The Men Behind the Curtain: The Stock Market’s Secret String Pullers

Any American that keeps current with financial news will know that the stock market has largely recouped from 2008’s economic recession, but is the health of the stock market as strong as we believe it to be? Dawn’s guest of the show Charles Biderman, the founder and chairman of TrimTabs Investment Research, discusses the”string-pullers” that continue to save the stock market from all-out collapse.

For more, check out Dawn’s full interview with Biderman.